Apple EVDO

UPDATE: Macbook PRO EVDO v640 card problems

Ever since I’ve been on Verizon’s EVDO with my MacBook PRO my Mac won’t sleep as quickly. Sometimes it won’t sleep at all and lets the battery drain completely. What’s worse is when it does sleep it needs a reboot to reconnect to EVDO after waking from sleep. I’ve been looking for a solution for sometime.

I’ve now removed the VZAccess software from Verizon and am running with the native EVDO drivers that ship with OSX 10.4.7+. Found a few pointers that recommend this. There is a good summary page here.

What you will miss by Uninstalling

* Logging of each connection, connected time, data transfered
* Graph of current usage along with fastest upload and download speeds
* Manual Activation

You’ll now get a nice signal meter and connected time in the top title bar (see image below).


Apple EVDO

EVDO – Speedtest – Bellagio – Las Vegas, NV

Took a couple tests from our room in the Bellagio.

(reports expired) it was a good speed though 😉

Apple EVDO

Macbook PRO EVDO v640 card problems

EVDO on my Macbook PRO works just fine… Well the first time after a clean boot. If the computer goes to sleep the EVDO connection/card fails to reconnect. No amount of ejecting or restarting the Verizon app will make it work. You have to actually REBOOT. Searched the web for some solutions but came up blank. There has to be some process or command that will trick the card into working after coming back from sleep.