Trying to blog again

It’s been a long while since I’ve written anything here. Thinking about putting some posts up. Mostly just common questions people ask me or things I feel may be of some use. If you didn’t see it take a look at my first post in a long time. It’s a guest post over at SEJ called: “Look Ma, no pager!” Scaling a WordPress Media Network Without Losing Your Sanity

UPDATE: Macbook PRO EVDO v640 card problems

Ever since I’ve been on Verizon’s EVDO with my MacBook PRO my Mac won’t sleep as quickly. Sometimes it won’t sleep at all and lets the battery drain completely. What’s worse is when it does sleep it needs a reboot to reconnect to EVDO after waking from sleep. I’ve been looking for a solution for sometime.

I’ve now removed the VZAccess software from Verizon and am running with the native EVDO drivers that ship with OSX 10.4.7+. Found a few pointers that recommend this. There is a good summary page here.

What you will miss by Uninstalling

* Logging of each connection, connected time, data transfered
* Graph of current usage along with fastest upload and download speeds
* Manual Activation

You’ll now get a nice signal meter and connected time in the top title bar (see image below).


Google Video Ads appearing

Google has been testing Video ads for some time. Tonight for the first time I saw them appear on a few blog posts here. They are ads for Pontiac’s new car. Will be interesting to see how the CTR and eCPM compare to the traditional ads.

Google Video Ad

Macbook PRO EVDO v640 card problems

EVDO on my Macbook PRO works just fine… Well the first time after a clean boot. If the computer goes to sleep the EVDO connection/card fails to reconnect. No amount of ejecting or restarting the Verizon app will make it work. You have to actually REBOOT. Searched the web for some solutions but came up blank. There has to be some process or command that will trick the card into working after coming back from sleep.


Firebug 1.0 Beta

I’ve been playing with the Firebug 1.0 private beta for the last few days and it’s quite a tool. v0.4 the last release of Firebug had already combined the most popular features Venkman, Console2, and the DOM inspector. 1.0 adds a entire new set of features. JS profiling and Net request tracing similar to Tamper Data are IMHO the most powerful. Joe has been hard at work and been fising issues as quick as we find them. Firebug now has enough functionality that it could implement and examine all the tips included in my entire presentation at OSCON.

The new website Get Firebug gives you a glimpse of what is coming shortly:

Upgraded WordPress to 2.0.4…

I thought it’d have been easier. Ok it was pretty simple. Just FTP the new release over the current one. I made a backup first. I had hacked up the default theme a good bit to I had to restore my hacks. Maybe it would be easier if each new version of wordpress shipped with a versioned default theme. So default-2.0.2 or default-2.0.4, etc. This way any upgrade is as simple as copy over your files.