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Upgraded WordPress to 2.0.4…

I thought it’d have been easier. Ok it was pretty simple. Just FTP the new release over the current one. I made a backup first. I had hacked up the default theme a good bit to I had to restore my hacks. Maybe it would be easier if each new version of wordpress shipped with a versioned default theme. So default-2.0.2 or default-2.0.4, etc. This way any upgrade is as simple as copy over your files.

World Cup starting to heat up

A quick check of the Technorati top searches reveals World Cup News is starting to heat up in the blogosphere. Less than a week away from the first games and we can already see a steady increase in the *noise*. Take a look at the graph below to see just how often the World Cup is showing up in the news. The blogosphere now more than ever can provide a real-time look into what is hot or going to be hot in the near future. Yahoo has partnered with FIFA to build an official World Cup New site. You can even use tools like Google Desktop to get live World Cup New Updates live.