Top Firefox Extensions

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Firefox is a very extensible browser. Here’s a list of top Firefox extensions. These are the Firefox browser extensions that are most popular and have the highest number of downloads. Download your favorite today.

Download Firefox Top Extensions
* FlashGot
* NoScript
* Fasterfox
* Tab Browser
* IE Tab
* Forecastfox
* Tab Mix Plus
* Filterset.G Updater
* downTHEMall!
* StumbleUpon

For more information on Firefox and to search for additional extensions goto

Download Firefox for Security
On an internet filled with spyware Mozilla Firefox is looking out for you. Its built in popup blocker makes sure you aren’t bothered by annoying and explicit popups while you surf the web. Mozilla Firefox has also been shown to be far less at risk to Spyware. If you are using a different browser and are concerned about your safety online, and the security of your personal information and computer then you should download Firefox immediately and see the difference it makes. Firefox also has a built in updater that notifies you once updates for Firefox become available. Downloading these updates is quick and simple, and immediately your browser has been updated and the known vulnerabilities have been fixed.
Download Firefox for Customizability
Mozilla Firefox is the most customizable browser to date. The look and feel of Firefox can be set to match the theme of your computer, or to anything you wish with Firefox Themes. Why settle for having your browser looking the same as any other boring old program? Make your desktop and browser unique by choosing a theme that fits you, arrange the toolbars however they work best for you, and fine tune your settings to get Firefox running exactly how you want it. Customizing Mozilla Firefox is fun, easy, and makes your life that much better.

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Kevin Henrikson

Kevin Henrikson

Co-Founder Acompli (now Outlook iOS/Android) at Microsoft
Kevin Henrikson leads engineering for Microsoft Outlook iOS/Android. Previously, he co-founded Acompli and ran engineering prior to an acquisition by Microsoft in 2014 for $200M. Before Acompli, he was an Entrepreneur-in-Residence for Redpoint Ventures, a venture capital firm for early stage technology companies.
Kevin Henrikson


VP Engineering @instacart was Outlook @microsoft, Co-Founder @acompli, EIR @redpoint.
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Kevin Henrikson
Kevin Henrikson

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    while browsing is one of the most important ways of deciding what kind of extension you would use we would still prefer if there was only one way of choosing the best browser depending on the type of operating system it uses before crashing the system memory and reformatting the hard drive which completely removes any chance of deciding on something of this importance…

    nah just kidding, hahahaha

    firefox is teh killorz


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